Vladislav Vikulov

  • Expertise in strategic human capital management, transformation, operational excellence and related IT.
  • Proficient at engaging with a range of organizations from start-ups to major multi-stakeholder ventures, often involving complex and competitive relationships and international dimensions.
  • Able to bring an objective, analytical view and clear perspective to difficult issues and to explore and validate alternative possibilities. Always keen to acquire and share knowledge and ideas.
  • Track record of creation enthusiastic, highly motivated, mutually supportive teams and able to engender a culture of consensus, pragmatism, delivery and achievement.

Key areas of expertise

Strategic Human Capital Management

This is where a Business strategy meets HR through people-focused approach that unites a variety of human resource processes to work as one: from recruiting and onboarding, to growth and development, to payroll and benefits, to workforce and performance management, to communications and interaction. Implementing right human capital management strategies, you can benefit from more efficient and cost-effective processes and environment creating a culture of delivery and operational excellence.

Business Transformation

Whenever a business strategy pursuits new growth, going digital or data driven, going through a merger or any other major change to become more efficient and successful, you need strong support and expertise. Any true transformation is hard and tricky, and requires a totally different approach thinking several steps ahead to avoid multiple common and individual pitfalls on the way.

Digital Business Environment

Being digital means living in a high paced, challenging and creative world, where the approach to customers (both external and internal) and teams is different. Digital is about pro-active decision making, real-time automation, interaction and journey-focused innovation - it is not about copy-pasting practices. This environment needs the expertise with a successful track record to support it's highly individual development.


Helping companies grow since 1999


2021 - now

HR Director

Building the HR function for further growth.

2020 - 2021
Awem Games

Chief Operating Officer

Managed Operations, HR, Finance & Legal.

Designed and started implementing the Human Capital Strategy.

Brought the operational performance to the next level.

Introduced and started the implementation of the Employee Experience approach.

2016 - 2019
Game Insight (One of the leaders in mobile and social gaming)

HR Director

Developed and implemented the holistic HR strategy of the company, aimed at:

- boosting performance of the teams and company;

- improving management decisions by team leaders and managers;

- creation of motivation mechanics for teams and individual experts;

- creation of knowledge sharing mechanisms;

- deep knowledge of teams and individuals.

Creation and implementation of an own HRS (HR management system and HR-tools automation).
Development of senior and middle managers, including personal coaching.

Wargaming.net, Minsk development center (One of the leaders in the on-line gaming, 4000+ empl. worldwide)

Head of HR (interim)

Developed and implemented a new HR structure and operational model according to the global Talent strategy. Performed a necessary pre-work for the implementation of the new corporate values.
Private consulting

Independent consultant

Management consulting for companies of various industries (a major trading company, a marketing startup and a chemical equipment manufacturer).

MDM Bank (Private TOP 15 Russian bank, 7500+ empl.)

Vice-President for org.development, HR and internal communications

Developed and implemented the new HR strategy and operational model (major functional growth and decrease of costs), new corporate values, evaluation and performance management system (incl. motivation systems), developed and drove through major structural changes of the bank and optimization programme.

Otkritie bank (Privately held TOP 15 Russian bank, 7000+ empl.)

Head of HR

Developed and implemented the new HR strategy and operational model for the bank and financial corporation (holding structure), corporate values, the evaluation and performance management system (incl. motivation systems), HR cost optimization and headcount optimization programme, HR processes reengineering, developed and drove through the HR merger process with two banks.

Subcontract expert (People and change practice)

Strategy consulting: developed the integration plan for the TOP30 Russian bank and one of the TOP financial groups.
MDM Bank (Private TOP 15 Russian bank, 7500+ empl.)

Deputy Head of HR

Developed and implemented the new HR strategy and operational model, analysis and optimization of costs and the headcount, processes mapping and redesign, analysis and revision of the policies, KPI and motivation system, new IT platform for HR, roll-out of improvements across the branches network.
MDM Bank (Private TOP 15 Russian bank, 7500+ empl.)

Project manager (Strategy and business architecture)

Bank's strategy, business architecture, org.structure design, functional analysis and functional distribution design, developed the method and drove processes mapping and re-engineering, etc.

Consultant (Financial services)

Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development (incl. client management), business architecture and business processes reengineering for a TOP3 Russian Bank and one of the largest financial groups.
Gubernsky Commercial Bank (Privately held TOP 40 Russian bank, 600+ empl.)

Advisor of the President

Corporate strategy design, bank's business-plan development, org.structure and business architecture design, market analysis and forecasting, design of the operational integration project.
Soyuz Bank (Privately held TOP 30 Russian bank, 3000+ empl.)

Head of Strategic Planning and Marketing analysis Department

Design and implementation of the corporate strategy, org.structure and functional distribution, market analysis and forecasting, tariff policy management, new products development.
CentroCredit Bank (Privately held TOP 50 Russian bank, 500+ empl.)

Senior Analyst

Market analysis, clients’ base research and analysis, business model development, new products design, processes optimization, client interaction and support.


Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (former Academy)


Diploma with honors.
Studied Economics in 1993-1998 at one of the TOP economics universities of Russia. I've chosen Banking as one of the most promising specializations of the time. My diploma essay was about the introduction of Euro to the modern financial system.

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